Zarah Misdemeanor is a Denver local high-energy fun-loving Drag performer. Zarah loves to entertain and make people feel good while watching her on stage. Zarah has been performing as a Drag entertainer for 8 years and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

Zarah is a proud Denver native and loves working for her community. Zarah believes in supporting and uplifting her community. One way Zarah’s does this is working with Queer youth. Zarah has been working with youth for 10 years as an educator and mentor. She is passionate about providing safe places for Queer youth to grow and discover their true authentic selves. Zarah was featured on the first season of Generation Drag that is now streaming on HBO Max. Zarah was able to work with youth Drag entertainers and help make their drag performance dreams come true. 

Zarah is very passionate about building community among Black and Brown Queer people. She is an activist and will continue to fight so that All people are treated with love, kindness and respect as human beings.  

Zarah loves performing and working for her community. 

Zarah hopes to bring love and joy to the world with her Drag!

Follow five teens and their families as they anticipate their biggest performance at Dragutante, a drag show designed for LGBTQ teens to express themselves.